With QualTrack, prove quality, reduce avoidable losses and reinforce transparency along your cold chain.

QualTrack, AI and IoT-based cold chain monitoring platform

The risk management tool to make cold chain smart, safe and sustainable

How it works

QualTrack collects data from connected sensors to analyse storage conditions that impact perishable products (temperature, humidity, light, …). Then, using leading-edge algorithms, QualTrack shows:

  • Dynamic shelf life to prove safety,
  • Regulatory compliance with complete traceability of quality,
  • Predictive, preventative and corrective actions like anticipating how long it takes before quality is below an agreed threshold.
Our offer: Monitoring, Safety as a Service

Monitor your products quality and safety in real time with our monthly subscription for full access to QualTrack

Additional services
  • DIAGNOSTIC: Test your cold chain with our one-time diagnostic and know how it is doing at critical points
  • DATA ANALYTICS: Make your cold chain smarter with our 3-months platform access to root cause your cold chain breaks and issues

SMAQ (SMArt-contract biotraQ)

BIOTRAQ acts as a 3rd party oracle  pushing products quality &  safety calculations to blockchains for all stakeholders: BtoB supply chain operators, regulators and insurers, end-consumers.

This information feeds SMAQ™, the first Smart Contract that validates the transition from one logistic phase to another thanks to a certified quality level.