“We will be 10 billion people in 2050. To feed and look after everyone, there is no choice but to reduce losses in the supply chain. This is why we founded Biotraq.”

30%of food produced per year is lost

$1000Bof commercial value

25%of total losses happens within the supply chain

Food waste could feed two billion people

“The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates the world produces enough food waste — about 1.4 billion tons — to feed as many as 2 billion people each year. That’s roughly one-third of the global food supply.”

Our mission statement

At Biotraq, we believe that technology can help Food and Pharma industrials and logisticians make their cold chain smart, safe and sustainable

600M peoplea year experience foodborne disease. 420 000 die!

$30Bof losses from breaks in cold chains

Only 33%of European, Chinese and North American consumers trust the food system

Blockchain technology: transparency, traceability and food safety 

“Safer conditions resulting from a more transparent, accurate record of supply chain transactions on a blockchain could create benefits including safer food, enhanced consumer trust, enhanced flow to provide fresher products to customers, fresher and faster deliveries that could reduce food waste in the home.”


Biotraq is at the heart of the  cold chain digital revolution!

Beyond supply chain transformation, we believe in the positive impacts of technology to make industries more proactive, flexible and transparent. In the coming years, major changes will occur:

  • Multiplication of connected devices giving greater control and automated decision-making
  • Greater transparency from farm to fork with detailed and decentralized information
  • Dynamic pricing of perishables, real-time product quality and dynamic shelf-life
  • Smarter contractual agreements that go beyond regulatory requirements