30%of food produced per year is lost

$1000Bof commercial value

25%of total losses happens within the supply chain

« We will be 10 billion people in 2050.
To feed and look after everyone,
there is no choice but to improve supply chains. »

Biotraq vision

Our mission

We founded Biotraq because we believe in the power of technology-for-good.
Our mission is to provide a simple yet powerful technology to make cold chain
smart, safe and sustainable. 


Biotraq is at the heart of the  cold chain digital revolution!

Beyond supply chain transformation, we  believe that major changes will occur in the coming years:

  • Multiplication of IoT devices giving greater control and automated decision-making
  • Full transparency from production to the end-consumers requiring detailed and decentralized data and information
  • Better balance between food safety obligations and food waste reduction objective through dynamic pricing and shelf-life of perishables
  • Development of personalized medicine, biopharma and serialization implies a need for platforms which include unitary traceability of products
  • Smarter contractual agreements that go beyond regulatory requirements thanks to the use of smart contracts