50%of drugs on the market are temperature sensitive

$35Bof commercial value lost per year due to breaks of cold chains

20% per year is the growth for temperature sensitive drugs due to biotechnologies

« With more and more thermosensitive products each year 
and the tightening up of regulations,
cold chain challenges are not only financial but also regulatory, technical and ecological. »


Your objectives
for today

  • Products Integrity: Preserving products integrity and effectiveness all along cold chains. 
  • Best Practices: Complying with strict standards (GDP) and maintain data integrity. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: Better cost-control through new IoT monitoring solutions for transportation and storage. 

Your challenges
for tomorrow

  • Quality: Preserving products qualities (sanitary, organoleptic, …) to avoid risks on damaging your brand image.
  • Trust: Regaining confidence among all players through full traceability and transparency providing reliable information. 
  • Sustainability: Limiting avoidable losses and waste in anticipation of strengthening regulations. 


QualTrack fitted to your industry
Standards & Qualifications


Integration of
standards sensors
(EN 12830).

IT architecture

Drafting of specifications for information system validation.

Qualified staff

Staff trained in
good distribution