Contribution to the Estates General of Food

Biotraq is a fast-growing start-up that gets cold chain smarter by guaranteeing the expected quality of perishable products and reducing avoidable losses and waste. Its platform analyses data from connected sensors associated to products, calculates their quality and provides for the first time operators with real-time information on the status of the products they are responsible for.

Founded in late 2013, Biotraq has received many awards (Carrefour, La Poste French IoT, Elior, Coca Cola France, Ministère de l’environnement) and is laureate of the 5th edition of the Digital Innovation Competition.

Being directly involved in the food safety, we are convinced that it is possible to improve both security of perishable products along the cold chain, consumer information and the overall economic balance of the value chain of products concerned.

To do so, on the occasion of EGAlim, it would be particularly strategic to support innovation for adaptive shelf-lives that is to say dynamic shelf-lives that vary according to the product’s environment and its storage conditions, included the end-consumer’s storage conditions.

As in Germany, where adaptive shelf-lives development is now an objective, France, which has demonstrated its expertise in food safety for a wide variety of perishable products, must make every effort to obtain those technological capabilities.

Thus, with such innovations, the estimation of best-before used labels, that we no longer understand, would no longer be established on unlikely scenarios and logistical and contractual contingencies. They will be the result of conditions to which each product is subjected.

The consequences of such an innovation would be major:

  • Reduction of avoidable losses and waste
  • Improvement of economic balance sheets
  • Interactions improvement between all parties involved along the cold chain
  • Improvement of controls and risk management by public authorities

To reach this ambitious objective, many actors must go into action: public research, agri-food industries, 3PL companies, companies specialized in information technologies, public authorities and health agency…

Biotraq’s founders

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