The New Cold Chain

Smart – Safe – Sustainable

$30B of loss due to breaks in the cold chain

QualTrack: Smart Monitoring

Biotraq helps companies prove the quality of their highly sensitive products, reduce their avoidable losses and reinforce transparency all along the cold chain. With QualTrack, our AI and IoT-based risk management SaaS platform, we make your cold chain smarter, safer and more sustainable.

New Cold Chain, Simple Value Proposition

Quality and Safety

Using connected sensors, we collect data from products environment and provide information on regulatory and contractual compliance. Our cutting edge algorithms help to verify if products disposal is required by giving real time shelflife calculation.


With artificial intelligence and mathematical models, we support decision-making optimization and help companies make their cold chain more sustainable. We propose predictive, preventative and corrective actions to reduce their avoidable losses.

Trust and Transparency

Biotraq acts as an oracle for Blockchain providing quality information. With this approach, our data and calculations can be shared among all stakeholders, not only BtoB supply chain players but also regulators, insurers and end-consumers.

Your benefits


  • Productivity gains,
  • Easy regulatory compliance,
  • Process improvement with preventative actions.


  • Higher ROI,
  • Lower risk on brand value,
  • Loss reduction with corrective actions.


  • Differentiation advantage for logistics,
  • Smart supply chain at the core of the value proposition,
  • Trust improvement up to the consumer.

“To feed and look after 10 billion people in 2050, we need to improve supply chains and reduce their avoidable losses. This is why we built QualTrack.”
Founders of Biotraq

To support the UN sustainable development goal of halving global food waste by 2030, Biotraq’s mission statement is to bring the most innovative technology to help industrials reduce waste and improve safety in their supply chain.

Are you an investor?

Biotraq is in the process of raising funds.

Awards and distinctions

  • Logo Challenges
    Best start-up to invest in Tech&IoT (April 2018)
  • Logo La Poste
    Laureate at the French IoT 2016 (Jan. 2016)
  • Logo Carrefour
    Jury’s favorite prize at Hello Tomorrow (Oct. 2016)
  • Logo BPI France
    Laureate at French National Innovation Contest (May 2017)
  • Logo Coca Cola
    Jury’s favorite prize at CES (Jan. 2017)

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